Master Pickleball Faster Than You Can Imagine

Joe Frasca and Peter Hoversten have teamed up to bring you NeuroPickleball - the best in neuroscience-based performance and pickleball teaching for beginner to elite pickleball players. We deliver training that's tailored to you and target what's holding you back. No more junk practice. Train with purpose. Become a better athlete. Master pickleball.

What does this mean for you?

Gain Rapid Improvement

A critic will tell you what you're doing wrong.​ A coach will tell you how to fix it. We know how to identify and fix what's holding you back.

Become a Better Athlete

Imagine how good you'd be at pickleball if you had better vision, balance, breathing and movement. Imagine how much better you'd be at other sports or at life in general.

Have More Fun

We know you learn better when you are intelligently challenged. We call it a ​desirable difficulty. We tailor all our training to have specific targets where you can measure improvement and advance.

Get Better off the Court

How would you like to improve your game at home or in the office without working up a sweat? We have an online platform where we can give you personalized "homework" that takes as little as 5 minutes a day.

About Joe

Joe has been a great athlete and teaching professional for most of his career. He is:

  • A lifelong multisport athlete
  • A proven coach and teacher for over 25 years
  • Has numerous sport coaching certifications
  • Co-director of Picklelball Instructor Certification in Colorado

Joe started playing pickleball in 2015 and had his initial tournament success in 2016. Since then, his level of play and tournament success have increased steadily including a number of tournament wins and podium appearances.  He was the only competitor to be on the podium for Senior Pro Singles and Men’s Doubles at the 2019 Tournament of Champions.

 Joe often turned to NeuroAthlete to resolve the pain and injuries that accompanied his active coaching and playing career. As he continued playing competitively, he found an edge that you can only get from NeuralTraining.  Advanced sensory training improved Joe’s vision, balance and anticipation, causing one competitor to say, “You’re seeing where the ball is going before it comes off my paddle!”.

Improving at Pickleball is easier than you'd imagine

About NeuroAthlete

The team at NeuroAthlete are experts in showing you how to use your nervous system to quickly improve pain, athletic performance, quality of life and brain health.  Because we have an up-to-date understanding of the relevant brain-science, we also are experts in motivation, education and training.  We put the brain first, and so everything we do works better and differently than you might expect, even conventional treatments like chiropractic and soft tissue.  We’ve created NeuralTraining and to be able to bring the benefits to a global audience and to dedicated teachers like Joe.

NeuroPickleball Clients and Their Experience

Mary and Rich

Rich and I have been playing skinny singles at your suggestion. We are practicing the skills you taught us and our volleys are often more than 6-8 hits. Our entire...

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Jim W.

I am a bit of a clinic and instruction junkie as it seems that I am always looking for instruction on how to improve my game. This was the best...

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Bill S.

Played 4 hours today and dinked much more aggressively due to the training the other day. (More confident)! Also have been using several techniques you guys showed me for flexibility,...

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Barbara R.

Thank you for your commitment to the education of safety and the latest research on the body and mind connection when it comes to PB. I appreciated your visual grid...

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Oscar J.

I came to this clinic with a negative attitude because I have watched a lot of YouTube videos on drills and they are all the same. But this clinic opened...

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Loveland Pickleball Club

I found Joe to be very professional in his approach and the response was extremely favorable from all who took a clinic. Joe keeps a very small 4:1 student /...

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Mary H.

Joe taught at a clinic that I attended. He was very thorough and very easy to follow. He taught me several things about the game and new techniques to help...

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Mankato Area Pickleball Association

Joe came to Mankato, MN and conducted a 5-day clinic which was attended by 70 Pickleball players. The response from those who participated in this clinic was nothing short of...

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