We relentlessly pursue results for our clients

  • We offer our clinics in small pieces that are part of a cohesive program. It makes learning more digestible and practice more focused.
  • We work hard to find what’s holding you back. It may be pickleball skills or strategy, or athletic attributes like vision, mobility, agility, or balance or often consistency, confidence, or focus.
  • Critics will tell you what you’re doing wrong. Coaches tell you how to fix your problems. We solve pickleball problems and find solutions that work for you.
  • Our clients improve during our clinics. We also show you how to continue to improve after the clinic, on the court or even at home or the office.

Our most popular clinics are structured along the three phases of a pickleball point. Each is three hours long.

  • The First Five Shots (plus or minus two) – Generally, the returning team has a 10% better chance of winning a point than the servers. This comes from getting to the kitchen first and maintaining that advantage as long as possible. Servers often need to fight their way to the kitchen to neutralize the point. This clinic covers what to do and how to do it on both sides of the net, from the serve to the point where everyone is at the kitchen.
  • Advanced Dinking Techniques – Once everyone is at the kitchen, better players will begin dinking to create an advantage. This could be forcing an opponent’s error or creating an attacking or winning opportunity. This clinic shows you how to create and maintain stress on your opponents and have the consistency and confidence to take advantage.
  • Attack, Counterattack – Once an attacking opportunity has been spotted or intentionally created, it’s time to pick the right attacking option and go for it. Attacking prematurely or using the wrong attacking option can result in an unforced error or even a better counterattack. We focus on seeing and creating opportunities and deceptive execution. Also, patience, timing, attacking shot selection and counterattacking are covered. 

About Us

We like to say that Joe has a deep knowledge of pickleball and a passion for brain science while Peter has a deep knowledge of brain science and a passion for pickleball.

Joe is a successful senior pickleball professional whose results have continued to improve with age by using our own training methods. He is a:

  • Selkirk Elite Pro Team Player
  • 6-time Senior Professional Medalist
  • 2-time Nationals 5.0 Medalist
  • 9-time Regional 5.0 Gold Medalist

Peter started playing pickleball more recently and is also improving rapidly by using our own training methods.  Joe and Peter are both experienced educators who bring a diversity of perspectives to our clients. We also have trained a team of instructors who bring additional perspectives and value to our clinics. They may join us as needed for a clinic to ensure plenty of individual client instruction.