In the video above, Joe introduces a cool vision drill that can make a meaningful difference to your kitchen play.  We all need to be able to track the ball from our opponent’s paddle to our paddle and back again. Depending on your relationship to the ball, you may be able to track its path smoothly and continuously or just see it at various points along the way.   That involves changing the point of focus through 14 feet of depth.  In this drill, he is reading letters off alternating pieces of paper to make sure he’s fully changing focus.  He’s also doing the drill closer than he normally would to stay within the camera coverage.

This is just one of many skills we will be covering in our upcoming vision clinic.

Vision is a collection of skills and can be trained.  When you think of vision, if you’re thinking about eyeballs and eye charts, you are missing about 90% of the story.  If you want to learn more about vision in pickleball read Joe’s post on the number of skills applied during two shots.

The Near / Far Drill

Learn how to train rapid transitions in focus.

Click below to view and download a set of eye charts to begin your training.

Picture of Joe and Peter

Joe and Peter