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Three Phases – Refresher

Have You taken our 3 core clinics?

Would you like to retake them, but don’t have the time?

Are you having trouble putting some of what you learned into practice?

Are You not continuing to improve as much as you’d like?

Do You want to revisit the clinics’ concepts and drills and get our latest thinking?



Brain science shows that one key to mastery is periodically refreshing knowledge and skills. We’ll revisit the key concepts and drills from the clinics. Just as the game is evolving, so is our thinking, so we’ll cover recent updates to the clinics, too. We also teach you effective ways to maximize practice opportunities. Get back on track to better Pickleball. This clinic is for players who have completed all 3 of our core clinics.
  • Cover complete pickleball point strategy in 3 hours
  • Refresh key skills and get feedback
  • Get ideas to improve, even if you can’t or won’t drill
  • Get help with specific issues
  • Apply what you know in structured play