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My First Tournament

Are You playing or thinking about playing in your first tournament?

Are you uncertain about what’s in store for you?

Do you want to perform at your best, even though it’s your first time?

Do you want to avoid “rookie mistakes”

Are you about to play in your first tournament? Playing in your first tournament means lots of first time experiences, omissions and mistakes. It can be incredibly stressful and detract from your potential play if you don’t know your way around. Get useful advice from our tournament-experienced team:  Pick the right tournament, partner and event.  Use the right tools, make the right choices, and get things done ahead of time.  Also, gain some experience playing refereed and non-refereed matches.
  • Finding tournaments and partners
  • Ratings strategy and expectations
  • Preparing to play
  • Tournament formats and strategy
  • Which apps to use and for what
  • Practice playing in refereed and non-refereed matches
  • Navigating tournaments – Check-in Desk, Podium and Tournament Desk
  • What to do/expect when your match is called