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Attack, Counterattack

Do your dinking battles only end in the net or with a popup/smash?
Don’t know when to attack – Too early or missing opportunities?
Not certain which attacking option to pick or how to execute it well?
Are you unable to take advantage of a weak attack or successfully counter a good one?

The game is changing. Attacks are much more common than before. In quality pickleball, most points are filled with attacks, counterattacks and resets. A weak attack or a dinking mistake puts you at a disadvantage. A strong attack gives you the advantage. Opponents will give you attacking options, but you must be able to recognize them. Otherwise, you must create your own attacks. And, counterattacking is becoming the key to winning many points.
  • Use brain science to dramatically shorten your learning curve and become a more intuitive player.
  • Learn how to win a point from the kitchen
  • See opportunities when they are presented to you.  Otherwise, create them.
  • Anticipate attacks that are coming at you.
  • Improve your anticipation, prediction and reaction
  • Learn to execute attacking shots as well as how to defend them.
  • This phase of a point becomes a chess match.  Learn how you and your partner should move to create and close off attacks.