Don't Try this at Home

One of the easiest ways to understand what NeuralTraining can do for you, is to try a few things for yourself.  Changes to your nervous system make lightning-fast changes to your senses, movement and feelings.  Because we’re all different, how those changes affect us can differ too.  That’s why, when you try these, focus on the change in your performance, not specifically on whether you got better or not.  NeuralTraining will help you find what generally works for everyone, and what specifically works well for you.

Instant Strength and Flexibility??? The Eyes Have It!

Changing inputs to your nervous system can make instantaneous changes to your performance.  One of the easiest things you can do, particularly when training, is to shift your eye position.  The correct eye position will improve strength and flexibility in certain positions.   When trying the activity shown in the...

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Does It Matter To Your Brain (And Results) What Your Objective Is? You Bet It Does!

When you think about stretching, it may be useful instead to think about controlled range of motion.  The further you can move in training, the further you are likely able to move when it matters. From your brain’s perspective, trying to stretch muscles is very different from trying to...

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A Quick Breathing Test

We’ll do a breathing drill with a full body rotation as a range of motion assessment.  Feel free to substitute other assessments if you wish.  We are really testing 3 things here.  Don’t bother moving your feet in between. It should take about 30 seconds if you are familiar with the assessment.  We’ll...

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