NeuralTraining Techniques

At the NeuroAthlete Clinic, we use the same NeuralTraining techniques that you can use at home to drive fast results. Additionally, our diverse areas of expertise and select equipment enable us to drive changes even faster.  We look at your goals through our “neural lens” and then select the best techniques and tools to help you reach them.  Everything we do works with your nervous system to create the changes you are looking for.  Even broadly available techniques like chiropractic and soft tissue manipulation are applied and work differently in our NeuralTraining methodology.

-Here are some of the NeuralTraining tools and techniques we use every day at the clinic:

  • Human Assessment –  We are experts in human function – how you should move, see and perceive your environment for daily living and athletics.  We help you find what’s at the root of your problem and target your “awesome”.
  • Movement Training – Good movement is a critical input and output of your nervous system.  If you move well you will have less stress and feel and perform better. We not only know what great movement looks like but can teach you how to do it.
  • Sensory Training – Senses can be trained.  If you perceive the world around you better, your brain can be less conservative in protecting you and has more capacity to direct towards performance.  We have many tools to help you improve your vision, balance and tactile senses.
  • Breathing Training – Breathing well is critically important to your health, movement efficiency and energy economy.  This is much more than just “belly breathing”.  We can teach you to have better breathing mechanics for whatever activity you do, reduce air hunger aka over-breathing and recover from exertion quickly.
  • Chiropractic – Direct manipulation of your skeletal structure will immediately change your body map.  Adjustments can instantaneously restore movement to misaligned and jammed joints and eliminate joint pain to make rehabilitation and training even more efficient.
  • Advanced Soft Tissue Manipulation – Direct manipulation of soft tissues can be a shortcut to improve tissue quality, function and body map. Techniques like Active Release Techniques (ART) provide a powerful way to address scar tissue, adhesions, nerve entrapments and tissue quality.
  • Vasper – Hormonal function originates in the brain. A unique combination of cold, compression and high-intensity training quickly rebalances critical hormones for health, sleep and recovery. Additionally, you get an unbelievably great cardio workout in less than 30 mins, with minimal unproductive stress, reducing recovery time –  all without breaking a sweat.
  • Infrared Therapy – A combination of light frequencies directly enhances cellular function, metabolism, skin, soft tissues, nerves and reduces inflammation.
  • Shockwave Therapy – Extremely safe high-intensity sound waves create a neural response deep within tissues which promotes rapid healing, breaking down scar tissue, improving blood flow to joints, and rapidly eliminating pain. This also can help pinpoint tissue damage and help focus treatment improving the speed of results
  • Kinesio Taping –  Changing the way skin moves can make a profound change in movement performance, inflammation lymph drainage and pain.  Kinesio tape lets you hold skin tension longer, sometimes for days at a time. 

We’ve carefully chosen the tools of our practice based on their ability to impact your nervous system in safe effective desirable ways.  While all of this is conveniently available in our clinic, most of what you need is available through our training site,, and our referral network. Our goal is to make NeuralTraining available to you anywhere.  

Many of our clients achieve the results they are seeking in one or 2 visits.  We also work with some clients over an extended period of time to address multiple goals.  And if you really want to drive significant changes fast, as us about week-long focussed, intensive training in Colorado Springs