In a previous story, I shared about my journey working through a variety of physical issues so that I could continue my running and Spartan racing career.  In this story, I want to talk about how I was able take charge of my own health and fitness and how that was facilitated by Grove Higgins and the way he works with patients.

My first hint that Grove had a different philosophy, was that he said upfront “The results we get will be 20% me and 80% you.”  That really resonated with me, because I know my best results come from me doing something, not something being done to me.  Every session I had with Grove came with education and “homework.”  We not only discovered together what worked for me, but I learned why it worked and how to continue to do it and evaluate it on my own.  

Over time I gained enough understanding of neurology and how to put it into practice, that I was finding new things that worked for me on my own.  Grove pointed me towards other resources to deepen my knowledge and practice.  One of the best was taking a Z-Health Essentials course.  I gained a deeper understanding of how my brain and body were working together (in positive and negative ways), and confidence by working on skills that I didn’t think were an issue for me, but still demonstrated improvements.  By working with other attendees, I got to see that the concepts I knew were applicable to everyone, but the results varied by individual.

It didn’t take long for my relationship with Grove to evolve from me being the patient to being the practitioner and he being the doctor to being the consultant.  I made great progress on my own and now come to see Grove when I get stuck, need fresh ideas or just need a different set of eyes.  

I’m very excited that he, Peter, and Pat are working to bring NeuroRunner to market.  I think it’s going to help a lot of people take charge of their training, health and fitness.

Mary Jo Campbell – Colorado Springs, CO