If you’re not Assessing, You’re Guessing

Humans love to test themselves.  But, not many choose to do it with purpose.  When you are working to improve yourself, assessments play an invaluable role.

We have several different kind of assessments in NeuroTraining and each serves an important purpose.  They are all optional, but quite valuable.

Neuro Assessments tell you how your brain responded to something you are doing or just did – did it increase threat levels or reduce them. They have one measurement – did I assess better or worse than before I did the drill.

While most Neuro Assessments are designed to be easy to do and highly repeatable, improvements you experience in them probably aren’t the ones you were originally looking for. Thats where Performance Assessments come in.  These are designed to measure improvements that you are seeking, do you run faster, jump higher, squat deeper without pain, or see better, as examples.  We let you easily capture results so you can watch your journey unfold.