You Are One Step Closer To What You Want

Having the  Quality of Life, Function and Fitness That You Deserve Does Not Have To Be Hard Or Complicated.

Acheiving Your Next Goal Is One Step Away.

Neurology Makes It Easier Than Ever To

Eliminate Pain

Does pain keep you from doing what you love?  You can leverage the power of your brain to continue performing the activities that you love without being in excruciating pain.

Improve Your Life

Are you settling for less of a life than you’d imagined?  Did you know that you can improve the way you move, feel, see and balance – at any age?  You can with the right coaching.

Up Your Game

Imagine how good you could be if you could learn skills quickly, reduce time away from your sport for injury and pain, and most importantly if your brain was not holding you back.

Care for Your Brain

Have you had one or more concussions?  Traumatic brain injury?  Have you fully recovered?  Are you prone to recurrence?  Do you want to reduce the risk of a concussion in the first place?

Your Brain Has Two Parts...

The Part You Control and the Part that Controls You

NeuralTraining is How You Do it

Your brain controls pretty much all of your physiology and feelings

It is protective and will try to hold you back from activity it doesn’t like or hasn’t experienced

Changing the right inputs to your brain, changes the outputs

We’ve used decades of experience to find the best training and tools to do that

Doing the right thing isn’t hard.  What’s hard is know what the right thing is.

That’s where we can help you make lasting change.

Our Clients' Experiences

College Grad, 22 – Painful Posture

Lifelong duck feet and rounded shoulders. Poor posture reinforced by athletics and intense weight training. Caused severe back pain and dysfunction. A daily regimen of movement drills taking less than 5 minutes eliminated pain in less than a week and returned posture to normal within 6 months.

Aging Athlete, 53 – Pre and Post Surgery Knee Pain

Knee started to hurt at Crossfit for no apparent reason. Ongoing pain, swelling, instability, and limited range of motion. Diagnosed with meniscus issues, had surgery and rehab. Knee still hurt, even worse at times. Alternated between rest and workouts. Still hurt and more swelling. Became very frustrated at not being able to commit to conditioning. An informal NeuralTraining session introduced me to a drill which reduced the pain substantially. Used the drill for daily activities and exercise to get and keep pain-free range of motion. Workouts are back to normal.

First Time Marathoner, 43 – Training Injury or Protective Pain?

Training for first marathon. Sudden severe calf pain. Tried self-help and “Dr. Google”. No help and thought the marathon goal was over. NeuroAthlete call quickly found a neural drill that provided instant relief. After a little more independent work - no more pain, no more tightness and back to marathon training.

Outdoorsman, 36 – Lasting Concussion Symptoms

Bad concussion from a car accident a few years ago. Had poor balance, fatigued easily, and sometimes could not speak or move. Tried physical therapy and a couple of neurologists, but symptoms persisted. Had to give up hiking and mountaineering. Found NeuroAthlete. Individualized treatment over several visits improved balance, reduced fatigue and incidence of my episodes. Returned to backpacking.

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