Eliminate Your Pain Pain that won't go away? Have you tried everything? About to throw in the towel?

Do you have pain that won’t go away?

Have you never fully recovered from accidents, surgery, disease or injury?

Has a lifetime of hard work, sports and staying fit taken its toll?

Do you have a recent injury and would like to heal as quickly as possible?

Do you have chronic pain or movement limitations?

Have pain or tightness for no apparent reason?


Have you tried everything?

Surgery, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, etc., etc. without success?

Aggressive rest (“Giving it time”) or aggressive training (“Just power through it”)?


Are you about to do something You'll regret?

About to give up some of the things you love to do, because it hurts too much?

Considering an unwanted surgery in your future?

Thinking about cancelling a trip you’re afraid you can’t enjoy?

Our Clients and Their Experience

Tom K.

You both would have been proud of Barb this morning; she was a beast- won all 5 games she played, but the highlight was her and I against 2 guys that play 4.0 in tournaments and we beat them 13-11.

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Barb K.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You taught me how to use my mind to calm down and play smarter.

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Kay T.

Lessons with Joe and Peter are delightful. Straight forward directions and sound philosophy. Great drills that go from basics to gameplay — can’t beat it! But you can win with it.

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Julie W

I recommend the Attack, Counterattack clinic. The skills I learned, particularly strategies at the net will help me take my game to a higher level. There is content in this series for all levels of players.

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Jesse M.

Attack, CounterAttack... Far surpassed my expectations... Scholars of the sport... Fun and Highly effective... I strongly recommend it

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Michelle M.

Transformative clinic. My field of visions has greatly expanded thanks to your coaching, theoretical instruction, and technique tips. I can now see the court as a chessboard and anticipate/plan shots accordingly. My partner and I now drill and play with intent, purpose, and strategy. You've shown us how to take our play to a whole new level!

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Mary and Rich

Our entire game has changed. We have learned so much from you both privately and in your First Five Shots clinic. I highly recommend Joe as a coach and Peter was remarkable with injury input for my shoulder. You are the best find ever in Colorado Springs!

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Jim W.

I am a bit of a clinic and instruction junkie... This was the best four hours of instruction I have ever received.. I would highly recommend their clinics to anyone who is trying to become a better player.

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Bill S.

Played 4 hours today and dinked much more aggressively due to the training the other day. (More confident)! Also have been using several techniques you guys showed me for flexibility, ball focus and getting the old mind ready.

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Barbara R.

Latest research on the body and mind connection when it comes to PB... Appreciated your visual grid and your personal interaction with the players...Played right after and noticed the improvement due to my improved posture...That has carried over into daily activities.

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What does Neuroscience Tell us?

Pain is exclusively an output of your brain

It may or may not be related to damaged tissues

If you live with pain long enough it can become chronic

Your own actions and perceptions can increase or decrease your pain!

What does that mean to You?

Because “it’s in your head”, does not mean it isn’t real.  It is!

You may have more pain than is useful

You can reduce or eleiminate your pain…, if you know how