Women’s Wellness Clinic,  from NeuroAthlete

Six Classes – one per week 

Two Options 

Mondays from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm starting March 2nd


Thursdays from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm starting February 27th

Do you have issues that just won’t go away?

• Chronic Pain?

• Brain fog?

• Stubborn weight loss?

• Just too much stress?

• Low Energy?

Not able to do the things you used to love?

Have you tried other things that didn’t fix the problem

• Yoga, Pilates, etc.?

• Meditation?

• Surgery or Medication?

Don't have enough time for yourself?

• and not sure what to do, if you did have the time?

Did you know that -

• You have the power to fix yourself?

• You don’t need to work up a sweat?

• 5 minutes a day can make a meaningful difference in your life?

Would you like to join others like you in our Women Only clinic?  We have one class per week.  We pick one topic to focus on in each class; NeuralTraining, breathing, mobility, vision, balance, and pelvic floor function.  With decades of experience, we’ve found the techniques that provide the biggest benefit for the least amount of effort.  They are also highly integrated:  

  • Seeing and moving better will help your balance. 
  • Using your pelvic floor in conjunction with breathing helps your movement. 
  • All classes can improve stress, brain health and function.


Each class is an hour and teaches you new techniques, lets you practice and improve, and helps you find what works best for you. When you attend a class, you’ll get access to our exclusive members’ site.  Through that site, you’ll get the associated “workout” that takes 5 minutes a day, without breaking a sweat.  

Reserve Your Spot Now!

  • Choose your preferred class schedule and click on one of the links below to reserve your spot.
  • Participation is limited to ensure that everyone receives the full benefit of the clinic.
  • Payment is necessary to reserve your spot.  
  • After attending the first class, if you decide the clinic isn’t for you, let us know and we’ll refund your fee in full.  We want our customers to be fully satisfied.
  • Know you need to miss a class?  You can attend that class with the other group.  Course materials and videos from sessions will be available on our members’ site.



Women Only!

Location: The NeuroAthlete Clinic

 6 Mondays at 4 PM, Mar. 2 through Apr. 6



Women Only!

Location: The NeuroAthlete Clinic

6 Thursdays at 12:30 PM, Feb. 27 through Apr. 2

Clinic Location

Take the Monument exit off I-25.  We’re in Suite 400 on the right side of the building.

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Need Help?

Please contact your instructor Mary by phone or email with any questions or comments.