Is the Virtual Office Visit Right for You?

You’ve experienced what we can do for you in the clinic…

–  Improve your performance

–  Get you moving like a ninja

–  Eliminate your pain

–  Make you bulletproof


You know that neuroscience is at the heart of getting those results.

Every drill you do is a learning experience for your brain

Every assessment tells you how your brain feels about it

Lowering your threat unleashes all the fitness you’ve already earned


You understand that the success you achieve is as much or more about what you do outside the clinic as in it… 

We’ve heard from many of you over the years

I want to come in more, but…

It’s inconvenient

The drive is too long

I live too far away

I work long hours

I travel a lot

I would have come in to see you, but –

It would have taken too long to get an appointment

I didn’t think it was worth your time

It would have been too much of a hassle

So how would you like to get the same results you get now whether you can make it in or not?

How’d you like to be able to do it from home, the office or on the road?

How would you like more time put back into your week?

How’d you like to be able to schedule an appointment right now with no back and forth messages and calendar coordination?

Now you can.



The Virtual Office Visit

Work with us from home, office, gym, hotel – wherever it’s convenient for you

Show us how you move in your environment

5 minutes on our website and you will book an appointment, tell us what you want to accomplish, pay for your session and start preparing.

You’ll tell us as much as you want ahead of time, so we can hit the ground running

We’ll extend the benefits and progress of the session afterward via email

Do more, learn more, try more, improve more and travel less!


Want To See How The Process Works?

Watch The Video Below.


What Can You Expect?

Our Knowledge, Your Way

Your “buy in” is critical to your success.  Everyone has different goals, preferences, experiences, and ways they learn best.   We listen hard, work to understand and do our best to deliver what we know in the way that works best for you.

Preparation and Focus

Inform or update us before the session starts.  Clarify your goals and priorities.  Send us descriptions or video of your challenges in the environment in which they occur.  We’ll both be ready to hit the ground running in your session.

Great Value

You’ve seen by now that the value of a virtual office visit extends well beyond the 1-1 time.  By adding prep time, follow-up, independent learning, and online resources we extend the “length” of your visit greatly extended and give you time to process, practice and clarify.


Unlock The Power Of NeuralTraining™ To Achieve Your Goals Quickly.
Choose 30 or 60 Minutes…

How Virtual Training Works

Step By Step


Step One - Identify The Right Package For You

Do you have a small challenge or a big one?  Do you have a lot to discuss or just want to see if you’re on track?  More interaction or more self-improvement?  Choose between a 30 or 60 minute session to suit your needs and learning style.  Remember in both cases there’s the opportunity for thoughtful preparation, information exchange and follow-up independent of the session itself.

Still, have questions?  Shoot us a message at or use the convenient form at the bottom of the page.

Step Two - Complete Your Purchase

Once you’ve chosen your package, use our online checkout process to conveniently purchase your session without ever having to pick up the phone.

Complete your purchase through our secure portal and you’ll have immediate access to your next step.

Step Three - Schedule Your First Session

Once your purchase is completed, you’ll have immediate access to our training team’s private calendar.

Simply choose the trainer you’d like to work with, find a time that works for you, and enter your information to secure your spot.

Don’t see a time that works for you?  We’ll setup a custom time just for you.  Simply email us at

If you purchased more than a single session, you can book them all now or whenever it’s convenient for you.

Step Four - Achieve Your Goals With The Support You Need From Professionals You Trust

When your scheduled training time comes, your trainer will contact you at the number provided.  In many cases a phone conversations will be all that is needed to help you reach your goals.

If, however, your trainer needs to see you in motion or needs any other visual cues, you will have access to video conference with your trainer – straight from the comfort of your home, hotel, or office.


Our NeuroCoaches

Dr. Grove Higgins

Dr. Grove Higgins

Dr. Grove Higgins, known as “the movement doctor,” is a highly sought-after rehabilitation, movement, and performance specialist, based in Colorado Springs, CO.

He is passionate about using the power of neuroscience to help others improve their abilities and quality of life.

Pat Marques

Pat Marques

Pat is the Director Of Rehabilitative Exercise & Performance Training at Colorado Springs Center for Human Performance & Rehabilitation.

Along with being a Z-Health Master Trainer, Pat has a long history of using brain-based functional movement training to decrease pain, increase performance, better quality of life and provide lifelong mind, body and fitness skills.

Peter Hoversten

Peter Hoversten

Peter is a sought after teacher & trainer in the neurological performance space, having helped people from all over the country increase their physical abilities and quality of life.

He is able to quickly assess problems and formulate a plan to achieve the desired outcome by leveraging the power of neuroscience.

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