Would you like to be more flexible? Reduce your risk of injury? Break through training plateaus?

Do you want to exceed the benefits of Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi without the time, vibe or cost?

Would you like to master movements that are critical to almost every sport and daily living, but are rarely trained?

Would you like to use one system that helps you easily identify and fix movement issues, accelerates rehab and recovery and makes you stronger and more mobile?

Stop wasting your time and energy on stuff that doesn’t work.

The Shinbox progression, brought to you by NeuroAthlete, can truly change your life – regardless of who you are.  Your brain wants to know that you can move in any way you need to survive.  “Learn the Shinbox” teaches you to move well and simply in ways  that you need and don’t do very often.  And if you can practice and demonstrate those movements, your brain will unlock performance and reduce pain.

Learn the Shinbox

The one movement series that has helped professional athletes, world champions, police & soldiers and people like you fix their movement – giving them a new lease on pain-free, high physical performance living.

Get cutting edge results built around an ancient movement technique with modern progressions. Move pain free and unlock your true performance potential for awesome movement, strength, and performance.

Consider the Shinbox progression as an antidote for too little or too much of a good thing.  Do you sit too much?  Are you an endurance athlete?  Do you do a lot of traditional strength training?  Are there elements of your sport that you never considered training, or didn’t know how?  Are you unable to work out because of travel or work?  Things like spinal rotation, posture, pelvic stability, internal and external hip rotation, and tibial rotation are not on the average training menu. But these are foundational movement skills for any high-performing athlete in virtually any sport. They also dramatically improve the quality of daily living.

“After doing these drills I realized how tight my hips were and how unstable I was from various other repetitive forms of endurance training. I love these drills because I have been able to increase my flexibility and balance.”

Bridget Praytor

Author of The Hot Tub Diet, NBC Spartan Racer, Elite Obstacle Course Race Competitor

“The Shinbox training technique was instrumental in my recovery from a torn quad tendon. It exposed where my scar tissue had built up, allowed me to target atrophied tissue and rebuild it, and it feels like it helped finally get my hamstrings firing again. Grove is a master at his craft and I would highly recommend his treatments and his Shinbox method.”

Jamie Bartholomew

American Ninja Warrior Competitor

“With 20+ years training clients and athletes, I’ve seen pretty much everything out there.  Without question, the Shinbox from Dr. Higgins and Move Perfect, and how they progress it, is amazing.  I’ve personally been shinboxing for months now and my hips and low back have never felt so mobile.  My athletes, most of which laughed the first time I showed them the Shinbox, now do it without asking—they’re addicted!”


Nick Clayton

Personal Training Guru, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, & International Speaker

How People Use the Shinbox

Unlock Performance

Achieve your optimal performance state of relaxed focus

Prevent Injury

Many injuries come fromGet comfortable and skilled with varied and sometimes awkward body positions that occur in sports and real life.

Assess and Improve Your Mobility

Do you have hidden asymmetries and movement restrictions ? Expose them and restore your mobility.

WarmUp and Cool Down

The Shinbox can be used to prime yourself for optimal performance. The same movements, done differently can help speed post-activity recovery.

Improve Strength and Control

Repetitions of the included flows represent one of the best full body workouts. Movements can be loaded for extra challenge and reducing speed produces unparalleled body control.


The initial movements are perfect for stress reduction. Integrated and varied breathing techniques make them even more effective.

Additionally, the Shinbox can play an important role in recovery from an injury or surgery as well as help prevent the next one.  It can be a diagnostic lab where movement asymmetries and deficit become immediately evident.   The flows offer great workouts, warmups, and cooldowns.  It is unlikely that you will find anything with the benefits of the shinbox that takes as little time. 

Kyle Martin’s wrestling team has had 18 months without a lower leg injury using the Shinbox!

That’s pretty remarkable for any wrestling team.

Kyle went on to say…

“By eliminating these types of injuries, our programs were able to develop nationally-ranked high school wrestlers and our collegiate program had its first All-Americans and National Champion in program history.”